Your Local Site Clearing Experts

Making way for new construction often starts with tearing down existing structures or facilities. Finding the right team to help you safely and efficiently demolish and clear out a site is critical to your project’s success. Allied Underground has the people, experience, and equipment your job demands. Our experts can manage concrete demolition and replacement, structure demolition and clearing, and environmental cleanup and rehabilitation.

When you hire Allied Underground to manage your demolition project, you hire a company that has been completing this type of work for more than 15 years. The members of our team are focused on three things: safety, quality, and schedule. And, our experience enables us to handle all types of teardowns and cleanups.

Whether you need a concrete wall torn down and replaced or you are demolishing an entire building, Allied Underground will oversee every aspect of the project. We will ensure that not only is the specified structure demolished, but all debris is cleaned up and the site is properly cleared for new construction.

In addition to structure demolition and concrete demolition, we also manage environmental cleanup and rehabilitation projects. We are familiar with EPA requirements and stipulations and will ensure that our work meets respective regulations. If you need assistance with environmental cleanups, call Allied Underground today. We can help you restore your property.

We have assisted companies across Tennessee and Georgia with demolition and rehabilitation projects. For the most efficient, safest, and trusted demolition and cleanup services, call Allied Underground today. Our team is ready to help you say goodbye to those old structures and help you prepare for the new projects to come.

● Concrete demolition and replacement

● Structure demolition and clearing

● Environmental cleanup and rehab