What is Hydrovac Excavation Used for?

Hydrovac excavation relies on a combination of high-pressure water and suction to create openings in the ground. Much faster and more efficient than traditional excavating, Hydrovac minimizes damage to pipes and other existing groundwork.

For over 15 years, Allied Underground has been a trusted name in Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia for demolition, excavation, land grading, underground utility services and other site work for both small and large projects.

When looking for Hydrovac services near you, contact us to learn more about our Hydrovac techniques. As one of the best Hydrovac excavation companies around, we have the experience and skills needed to get the job done right. Licensed and bonded in Tennessee and Georgia, our commitment to providing the best civil contractor services, along with fair pricing, has allowed us to continue to grow and expand our services.

Our experts hold OSHA certifications, NPDES cards, utility licenses, HAZWOP certifications and have completed CPR/BFA training to ensure a safe workplace. From driving and operating a Hydrovac truck to removing unwanted materials from the worksite, we can perform all the actions needed to ensure construction projects move along without any issues.

Instead of investing in a Hydrovac rental, why not contact Allied Underground? In addition to bringing our own equipment, we also have trained employees who get right to work without additional training. With our expertise and dedication to performing the best work possible, our experienced crew can save you time and money.

Hydrovac excavation eliminates the risk of exposing or damaging underground utilities through the use of non mechanical non destructive water digging methods. This type of digging technology allows for quick and precise excavations which require less backfill, less labor and causes significantly less environmental impact than traditional drilling methods.

Hydrovac excavation works well for larger excavation projects and when you are trying to dig without damaging underground features such as electrical wire, water or sewer pipes, gas pipelines, or fiberoptic cables. Unlike digging with shovels, backhoes, or other heavy equipment, hydro excavation services allow construction to take place in areas where equipment can’t reach. This helps to increase digging precision, and eliminates the risk of digging in hazardous areas. Hydro excavation services are used across a variety of industries, including general construction, utility, electrical, telecommunications, chemical, and oil and gas.

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