The Best Infrastructure and Utility Services in Tennessee

City and municipality directors and administrators are responsible for multiple types of systems and structures. Overseeing the maintenance and performance of utilities is just one of those responsibilities. Knowing who you can rely on to help manage repairs and maintenance is critical. Fortunately, Allied Underground has extensive experience assisting municipalities, cities, and towns with these needs.

We have worked with numerous cities on projects like water main rehabilitation and extensions, sanitary sewer main rehabilitation and extensions, sanitary sewer point repairs, water main break repairs, and more. Each of these issues is time-sensitive and requires experts who can identify, diagnose, and repair the problem as soon as possible. When there is a sewer or water main break, you have to have a partner who can literally get down and dirty to resolve the problem. The team at Allied Underground can do just that.

Along with unexpected repairs and resolutions, we also provide detailed, properly planned extension and rehabilitation work. We can help you prepare for the next decades of growth in your town by improving and extending your existing water mains, sanitary sewer mains, and storm drainage systems. Rather than reacting to circumstances and performing continued temporary fixes, let Allied Underground help you build out a long-term plan for your city. We can help you get your city’s utility infrastructure ready for the future. We can also work with you to ensure that your utilities and storm drainage are meeting your current needs.

Call Allied Underground today for the best infrastructure and utility service installation, rehabilitation, and extensions. Our team of experts is ready to put their knowledge and experience to work for your city.

Municipal Utility Districts and City Infrastructure

● Water main rehab and extensions

● Sanitary sewer main rehab and extensions

● Sanitary sewer point repairs

● Water main break repairs

● Sanitary sewer manhole rehab